Marketing strategy

This is a site for myself as a Graphic Designer, a portfolio site showcasing my previous work and experience. I anticipate most traffic will come directly from potential employers / clients whom I would’ve given a direct link to the site. But on the off chance that someone might search via a search engine I have ensured that I have put in keywords such as “freelance” (employment term), “graphic design” (profession), “branding” (speciality) and “Melbourne” (location). Please see SEO strategy (link) for more details.

Home page

A bold statement on the home page summarises design experience and artist’s belief as an introduction to set the tone. Follow by with a grid layout which best showcase the variety of work strategically placed based on look and feel as well as the nature of each project, client and outcome. A category filter is also available at the top so viewers can see at a glance where all skillsets lie with the ability to focus on a specific category suited to what they are looking for. Finishing with a simple call to action at the end to prompt potential clients to get in touch.


A simple and clean design is chosen in order to let the work itself be the hero of the site. A hamburger menu to declutter the page so that only the essential information is visible at the glance. A subtle neutral colour palette is used which doesn’t compete with the portfolio images, as well as a contemporary serif typeface for headlines pairing with a san seri typeface for body copy to add personality.

Call to action

At the bottom of each page there’s a unique call to action with a relaxed, approachable tone which links to the “Contact” page to prompt potential clients to get in touch.


Size and colour of the introduction copy are different across desktop, table and mobile to ensure readability. Biggest difference is the introduction copy on mobile is shortened to accommodate the smaller screen, ensuring that at first glance viewers will see the intro as well as a snippet of the visuals. The headline is also a different colour so that it’s not as jarring on a small screen. Because of the size of the small screen, the category filter is also taken out for mobile but reappears in the “work” section of the site.

Newsletter subscription

A call to action in the introduction to “Journal” to subscribe to newsletter via mailchimp.

Beyond the website

A website alone is not enough, making sure any public profiles are updated (such as behanced, loop, instagram) is essential. Most importantly, in real life contact is still the best strategy: meeting up with contacts for coffees, attending networking events, catch-ups with past colleagues are a great way for word of mouth business.

Extra content

There are also some information I may include in the future which might add to the user experience:

  • Archive section for past projects and also allowing space for new projects.
  • Creative process.
  • Resume download.
  • A “what I am…” section: reading, listening to, watching, etc.
  • Pricing.

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