Journal enty: reflection


As this course come towards an end, I feel that I have gained more understanding in CMS management and UX design (yet to compete 604 next semester). I feel confident to offer UX and web design service to small businesses ad individuals, however, I would be seeking other professionals with more industry experience for larger clients with me taking on more of a creative direction / project management role.

Future Plan

Archive: To take this further I plan to add an “Archive” category in “Work”. There are 11 projects featured on the Home page currently, with an Archive category not only it will show the extend of my experience, it will also be a place for current feature projects to go to as new projects are uploaded.

Personalising: I also plan to have a small section in the footer showing what I’m currently reading, watching, listening to, working on, etc to keep viewers interested and appear up to date. This will also allow outbound links and create networking opportunities with other creatives.

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