Journal enty: SEO strategy

SEO strategy

Under the search term “Freelance Graphic Designer”, I have noticed that only 3 individual designers website comes up with the rest being recruitment agencies and job ads for freelance graphic designers. I am keen to get my site up with them.

Yoast SEO

I have chosen to use the plugin Yoast SEO, which comes with an easy to use interface where user can go through a series of settings and just fill in the blanks according to the nature of the site.

Feature snippets

All feature snippets has been updated with targeted keywords and phrases on each page.

Image names / alt text

All image names and alt text has been edited appropriately.

Google analytics

Google analytics is link so I will be able to analyse the behaviour of viewers in order to make SEO improvements accordingly.

New content

Creating new and in-depth content is a way to improve SEO. With projects often go on for months on end it is hard to post new projects all the time. A blog section is created for this purpose, strategically named “Journal”, this is where thoughts on different topics relating to design, client experience and bi-weekly inspirations will be shared. This will create opportunities for internal links and external links as well as increase reader interaction with social media share and like functions. Some ideas on future post topics:

  • Opinion pieces on design related news
  • Latest design trend
  • Experience, learning and reflection after a project
  • Client stories
  • Skill share
  • Interview with well known industry leaders
  • Guests post

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